ValidDatum wins UK government grant

ValidDatum wins UK government grant to develop patent-pending technology for Secure Searchability on tokenised and encrypted data

London, UK – ValidDatum, a women-owned and operated global data services consultancy, has won a significant grant from Innovate UK to develop secure search software for tokenised and encrypted data.
With remote and distributed workforces likely to continue well into the post-pandemic era, more businesses face the reality of their data being stored, used, or communicated outside of their secure organisational networks. End-point security and user credentialed multi-form authentication are already widely deployed – but an increase of 450% in ICO fines for data breaches over the past five years indicates more should be done to protect sensitive data.
The ValidDatum patent-pending Secure Search Black Box Software for Sensitive Data has the potential to decrease ICO fines by 30% and keep customer data more secure. The solution conforms to Article 25 of GDPR, requiring organisations to enact ‘privacy by design’ elements to their data management.
The financial and operational costs of deploying completely new data management solutions can be prohibitively high, with implementations stretching across years. The ValidDatum Secure Search Software platform can be easily integrated with legacy systems, helping to secure data from bad actors or attacks that target data-at-rest. 
ValidDatum adds a highly effective, quantum computing resistant, method of impressively impregnable pseudonymisation to sensitive data-at-rest and provides a modern, AI-enabled search interface – permitting users to see only data that is relevant and allowable. “Up until now, businesses have had to choose between tokenising their data or being able to search on that data readily,” says Daryl Crockett, ValidDatum CEO. “But with ValidDatum’s new solution, businesses no longer have to sacrifice data security for usability.”
In many cases, the Secure Search Black Box search capabilities are more efficient than the search functions of the company’s native systems – which helps improve a company’s ability to not only exponentially increase data security but to also locate its data without the expense of re-engineering the native system’s UI. 
“We’re excited to receive Innovate UK funding to develop a much-needed solution for the remote working era”, said Daryl Crockett, CEO. “The software and platform will build on our existing data security partnerships and increase the range of situations in which data can remain tokenised or encrypted, without losing the business advantages that come from data being searchable and reportable. By integrating the tool with existing legacy systems, we aim to ensure businesses can increase their compliance, secure their customer’s data, extending legacy systems effective lifecycles, all while maintaining their competitive advantage.”
“The development of this solution in the UK builds on the strength and experience that ValidDatum’s global team of Data Security and Privacy consultantsCombined with our Development, Integration, vCISO, MSSP and Implementation services, it allows for a comprehensive, scalable and agile offering for our clients.”, said Chris Morecroft, European Managing Director. “By designing the solution to meet the high standards required by GDPR, we are creating a globally-applicable, high-security solution that meets the data privacy challenges global businesses will face in the next decade.”

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